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I got to work with Seth

I was able to head up to Highland with Seth and Phil and help film this video, it came out awesome!

Jeff Kendall-Weed’s Mavic Air Review

Jeff Kendall Weed gives us an awesome review of the DJI Mavic Air, which is the same drone I use, he covers the pros and cons of using a drone for your mountain biking videos, and hits the nail on the head, check it out!

Downhill Progression 2018

Something a little different, side by side runs from last year and this year, same trail at Mountain Creek Bike Park:

Bike Chat with RGMTB!

Gene from and I sit down and chat about what it takes to get started recording your own MTB videos!

Kitsuma with Seth Bike Hacks, Singletrack Sampler and the Trail Boss

I was able to ride one of the sickest trails with some awesome company! Check out the video:  

Pisgah/ Dupont, NC 3 Day trip videos!

Day 3:   Trailer:   Day1:

Gimbal All Day Battery Showdown

This week we have two videos, one from GoatRideBikes showing his awesome custom battery setup for the EVO SS  and we also have Alex The Single Track Sampler comparing the Karma Grip with remote battery setup vs his tried and true Gimbal + a lot of batteries, check them out!      

Stuntman + Superview = My New POV

I recently picked up the Stuntman Chest harness, and a welcome benefit was the ability to run the gimbal very close to my body without it making contact.  This allowed more of the bike to get in frame, and I also started playing with Superview again, but I prefer to zoom in a bit to…
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