Video Tutorials

GoPro Hero 7 Shakey footage in low light and Hypersmooth FIX!:


1080P is ruining your footage!

This is my first official tutorial for this site, this started back in August of 2017 when I got to ride with Alex aka “The Single Track Sampler”.  After we both uploaded our ride videos his looked way more crisp and clean, I tried exporting in every setting I could try in Premiere and could not match his footage.  I later figured out that uploading at 4K fixed the issue, even if the source was only 1080p, this is called up scaling or upressing.  There is little need to do this outside of youtube honestly, but it works.  I created a full blog post HERE about this issue.

Seth’s Bike Hacks

I am glad seth went through the trouble to test this, because idea has crossed my mind a number of times! if only we could have a little more adjustment and focal length on our GoPro’s the results could be so much better.